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Saturday, September 06, 2008

this place is so dead. admist my busy-ness, i shall try to air my views a little. i just realised that busi-ness is actually business. no wonder business pple are so busy.

bus comm is sucking up my time. this wk, im meeting my grp mates 5 days out of 7 days a week just for this module. how crazy can that be. on top of that, i meet my other proj mates for other proj. and my tutor said be prepared cos this is only the start. in the following weeks to come, the workload will snowball heavier. omg. i wana faint. so breathless! luckily the other projs haven really flood in. i just cleared macro proj. im so happy!

anw i just witnessed an accident on the way hm after dinner just now. cyclist and car. got a scare. i was so worried for the cyclist, but yet my heart didnt skip a beat for him. cos he was in the wrong.

and if i were the govt, i wld ban 2 grps of pple in my country. they come and create trouble and all sorts of unrest in sgp, i mean pple always give the politcally correct answer and say we need to have foreign talent in a globalised economy. we cant do without them. but with them, we get a whole new set of problems which i think far offset the contributions they have given us from what i can see.

i cant wait for this sem to end! looking forward to 2dec. my last paper. then i'l be sitting a380 to sydney. gg aussie for 2 weeks. then celebrate xmas! and then looking fwd to cny09! and whoosh! off to swiss for sep! omg overwhelmed by my exciting life ahead! my motivation to pull through this sem!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

recently i have been grumpy like an old woman, hard to please, hak pok, chow kuan person. i dont know what. like as if im pms-ing everyother day. until i feel sort of bitchy myself. but i cant control the hormones within me!

maybe its cos of my job now. im so glad i only have 1 week left = 5 days! like finally! as torturing as the cpf one. no ... ok la....cpf one was worse. everyday come home, rushing to catch all the tv shows, before they can end, i fell aslp in front of the sofa. and the cycle repeats. so no life right? cant wait for the week i end work, i wana stay at home and continue my rotting life. its kinda relaxing and stress free. and i realised i love cooking my own porridge myself.

i seriously think i am getting more and more "no-life". just satisfied with getting coop at home, lazing ard and the time can passs equally fast than when i was roaming ard in orchard when i was in sec sch.

ah whatever. no life no life lor.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

omg i really hate gahmen jobs. i cannot emphasize more. the culture and the system of how things are done, sometimes they dont make sense, unlike the effective and efficient gahmen that we have.
i noticed that every jul i will land in shit jobs and they happened to be gahmen jobs. i swear never to work for them again. i dont even feel like working after the first day of work. time passes so slowly, counting by the minutes, then the hour, and ah hr finally passed. even school passed faster. and i have to resort to terminating my contract earlier.

all the red tape, wastage of paper, oh u really find it ironic that the media stresses on going green, the gahmen supporting conservation, but yet, organisations are wasting so much paper with so much unnecessary paperwork, printing, shredding, the staff shld be educated on this. this is smth they have failed in. but its every organisation that wastes paper.

just now, i went to a hello shop to activate my "pay as you roam" svc. its so funny, im working in singtel yet i can do nothing at work to activate it. anw the queue was damn bloody long. i asked if i had to join the queue for this simple procdure, and they said yes. so i had no choice. the guy serving behind the counter was slow like toitoise. i seriously shld find out his name and sabo him in office. cut his pay or smth. every 5 pple the other person served, he served one. and i suay suay got him. if i had gotten served by the other person, i wld have completed aeons ago. anything i ask him, he is unsure. takes damn bloody long to process that damn form which is just fill in my name, i/c and phone no.!?? only when my father ask can i sign alr? i need to leave first then he slowly give us the form to sign. omg i wanted to box him. he looks like he is sleeping all the time! his eyes are hardly open!

then i asked him another qn abt mobile mail, he went to surf the system, dont know if he is surfing onl and pretend to be busy, ( a trick when u work in gahmen job, i learnt it in cpf), he took so long to research for me. then i said if u dont know then nvm. he said, no u wait i have to wait for him. my god. big mistake. then he answered some stupid ans. i wanted to scold him, but i thought i might waste more time talking to him, i left. look at how slow he photocopied my i/c. argh!!!! talk abt him my blood is boiling. if i knew his name, tmr i will go back office and cut his pay!

ok im too angry to go on any further.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

have been working on an adhoc basis. just completed work at the cover club event. meeting all those big shots of top tier businessmen. hmms. learning about succession planning and meeting very relevant people to my course. rather an interesting event. but work was tedious and tiring. cutting so many placards. its really not easy hosting and organising an event. so much more work goes behind the scene and im sure some credits goes to us for making it successful.

it was tiring esp on fri, at the oriental hotel itself, the hotel is very posh. i wore heeels the entire day, walking and running errands, which let to the collapse of my left foot and i actually sprained my foot after i got home. so now im nursing a swollen black left foot at hm. but it feels pretty good staying at home resting. not going out and spending money. all i need is the tv and internet.

oh and ytd i went back to work for the same company. transcripting. it was very good money so i cldnt reject it. i didnt expect to take 12 hrs to transcript a 2 hr tape. i actually pia-ed super hard for this. nv pia so hard for work before. i practically sat there the entire day, listening and typing away. my butt felt flat. i didnt even go out for lunch. i kept thinking about the 240 i will get at the end of the day which kept me going on. at the end of it, i had back ache.

but listening to the tape was no easy feat. we have one ang moh who talks faster than amanda, not forgetting his accent, 2 guys from the up and rising nation I, with strong heavy accent, one who mumbles worst than jay chou, (i thought jay chou is the only guy who mumbles), another ang moh who speaks too... into the american style cant really catch what he is saying. i must say all the female speakers were the clearest. but sadly there were only 3 of them.

i admire dr stephen riady for his stable composure, wisdom, and experience. he sounds like a very responsible CEO and father. he is the clearest guy-speaker, i must say. when its his turn, i willl be very happy.

when its the I, i will crinch. i got so pek cek trying to transcript the I, cos i rewind and rewind many times, but i still cldnt figure out what they said, so i just invent, or put .... hhaha! to the point i was so tempted to launch them into orbit and give them a flying dropkick back to I.

im so glad its over now. but it was a great experience for a transcript job.

Friday, June 20, 2008

theres so many things pending that i have yet to do, and the feeling of knowing that there's so many things waiting for you to do and you will never gona finish your work at the end of the day, totally sucks. i need to pack the table, clear the rubbish on the bed, pack my bedroom, pack my cupboard, sell of my unwanted clothes, wash the clothes, call up sponsors, omg. its holiday now!! and its still so busy?!

holiday time is the period of high inertia. i haven started reading my books yet, revise my german.

my life is so unhappening. its so full of regrets. life is a failure when its so full of regret. sigh. so many things which i regretted not signing up for. and missed once in a lifetime opportunity.
first is the work and travel usa thing. my friends ask me why i didnt ask them if not we cld have gone tog. no one said anything so no one made any move!!
second is LPP program to germany. but this one not so dui.
third is summer internship in korea! omg i can smack myself. i actually saw the applic and didnt apply. i shld have went ahead to apply. gosh. if not i will be in korea now! see so many opportunities knocking on my door and i just let them go like dat. i only have 3 yrs to study and explore and after that its out to the working world.

daddy says these kinda opportunities are hard to come by so just grab it. but im worried about the financial costs he has to support me. he says next yr if you catch the opportunities again, dont think so much and just grab them. mummy only sees the cost that i will incur.

see parents are conflicting each other they are making their kids confused. argh..

in life, you just cant think so much and care too much abt certain things. if not your life will be much more complicated!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

aiyoooo.... im regretting not gg aust with my parents. my mum has been nagging at me the whole week, everytime she talks to me, its abt washing the clothes, bringing it out to the sun, which ones to iron, even remind me to put peg to sun it?!?! arh... so lor saw..... i wish i was going with her so i dont have to hear all these. does her life revolves ard the clothes?

and by not working, im becoming so nua...i have to constantly eat if not i will feel like jelly. and i haven been exercising. but if i work i get tired easily.

but ultimately, i think studying is still the best. i wish holiday isnt so long. i want to go back to study at least my life is more planned this way. and this makes me rethink that i want to do my honours so that i can study longer and not come out to society to work faster. in the past i think that honours or not, im fine with it. cos i can always do a masters after i work.

the grass is always greener on the other side. we're never contented.

anw went mango sale today. nothing much for me to buy, or rather i have been buying alot until i feel saturated? didnt feel like buying anything.

i want to go travelling! now i have the time, but i dont have the money. i bet when i have the money, i wont have the time. sians.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

contract has ended last fri. i was enjoying life staying at home ytd and today. totally living it up, the taitai life. finally can sleep in late, read newspapers!! watch bo ying ren (oh how i miss it so much! my childhood show with sharon au as chen mei guang guang guang....) no longer have to stare at the painful computer screen in the office doing nothing and worried that i will get caught surfing the net, put mask, applying lots of face cream, and pampering products, and last but not least, guard the house.

but after 2 days, im already getting bored of staying home. need to get a job fast! plus i bought so many g2000 clothes gotta put them to use! okay i think i just bought $400 worth of g2000 clothes plus 50% disct so i saved 200! shiok.

and i need income to go travelling!

after much thoughts, i realised i haven been living my life the way i want it to be. But yet again, life dont always go on like how you plan it to be. right now, im going the very protective, apathetic, very taken care and spoon fed route. going through school, working admin jobs during holidays, that kind of totally guai student and daughter.

but what i want is to really experience the hardships, challenges, getting out of this protective bubble, and trying out things considered the abnormal. like for eg, dress up as a buggly bear entertaining kids in an amusement park, work in a theme park permanently, but now my life has been shaped so nicely for me, that it tells me to go school, study, graduate, work and thats all. how conventional and boring isnt it'? and since its already shaped like that for me since i was young, like the education system planning and prompting me where to go next and that sort of thing, i find it difficult to come out of my comfort zone and try this unconventional route.

if only i can plan my life again, i will do all these. and there are so many things which i want to change but its too late. and even learning from mistakes now, still cannot change it cos what's over is over.

sometimes i feel like approaching a palm expert to read into my future. i really cant picture my life in future. and that day i just chance upon some palmistry books my father has been keeping for years but clearly forgotten about. but when i open it, i cldnt understand, or rather i didnt have the patience to read finish the whole bk to know how to read my palm.

and this reminds me i have 2 books at home that i bought but haven read yet. i have high inertia for books!!!

MAPP report says that im philosophical. hmmm.